Sex tape for smart Kim Kardashian. How to become famous

There is hardly a person who doesn’t know the name Kim Kardashian. Everyone is aware of her appearance, her outfits in public, of her husband and her children… But how has she become famous? Learn more about the impact of Kim Kardashian sex tape on her life. Surprised? Yes, it is almost a book!

So how to become famous? Here is Kim Kardashian’s rules:

Rule 1: to find a role-model

You can hear this piece of advice at business-trainings. It is obvious that to follow one’s way is much easier than to make up one’s own. It is even better if your role-model is a successful relative. They will not only help with advice but also put you on the right road… Kim Kardashian had it all. The role-model of her childhood has always been her mother – Kris Jenner. ‘I have always admired my mother, copying her style and manners. By the way, I was good at it’, confessed Kim Kardashian in one of her interviews.

Let’s recall that Kris Jenner is a socialite and a mother of six children. Due to her first husband Robert Kardashian, who is a famous and successful American lawyer, she became known as a fashion-monger in society. By the way, the woman still goes to fashion shows and parties.

Of course, Kim has become a lot more successful than her mom. Here is the case when a pupil has outshone his teacher.

Rule 2: to choose a goal

If your dream hasn’t come true than you had been dreaming badly. Kim Kardashian has known since her childhood that she would become famous. She studied in a prestigious school in Beverly Hills but she did not think about the college or about a thesis. All her thoughts were around one thing – to appear on television. Kim’s classmates said that she did not feel ashamed of her wishes and she often made it clear that they were communicating with a star-to-be.

Rule 3: to find out the ways to achieve it

Long before her appearance on TV screens Km Kardashian began to go at the social occasions and to make it possible she made friends with Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. Her photos from the parties started to appear in society pages of all the magazines. But it was not enough. Kim launched her own line of clothes and perfume and opened an internet-shop.

After that her family provided her with further success. In 2007 there starts a reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ on one of the American channels, where her mother Kris Jenner, her elder sister Kourtney, her little sister Chloe, her brother Rob and also her sisters from her mom’s second marriage – Kendall and Kylie Jenner with their father and her stepfather Bruce Jenner.

However, Kim has stood out among the members of her family. The viewers singled her out as the brightest participant of the show. One found her the sexiest, others – the most active, the third – the most talented.

But that was not the case. In one of the interviews Kim revealed the secret of her popularity: ‘Since my early childhood I have dreamt to be an actress and I have always imagined that I’m under the hidden cameras. That’s why it is easy for me to be a participant of the reality show. In my memory there has always been an image which mixed up with me. I have made myself’.

Rule 4: admit one’s own mistakes

There will always be faults and mistakes, especially at the beginning of the way. But it is not the reason to give up your dream and hide. Be sure you can get out of any mess as it can do Kim Kardashian.

As an example there can be remembered a scandal with her sex tape which appeared on the network in 2006. There Kim was having a good time with her boyfriend – singer Ray J. At first she denied the authenticity of the tape, but then affirmed it, cried out and regretted it. Kim was forgiven and pitied for being so sensitive.

By the way, the videos with crying Kim Kardashian in the beginning of the 2000  are the most popular.

Rule  5: to get married successfully

You can’t always be crying. Otherwise you will be caught in insincerity or will begin to advise a psychotherapist. It is important to feel the edge and move to another, more mature level. For instance, to find a defender in the form of a good husband as Kanye West. By the way, he is indeed ready to move mountains as well as to go in prison for the sake of his beloved. Once the rapper beat an unknown man in the street who was rude to Kim…

However, Kim was not always successful with her personal life. Before Kanye she had two unlucky marriages. But she (following the point described above) did not give up and continued to wait. Yes, it means – wait, as she got a proposal from West only after four years of relationship and the birth of their daughter North.

The wedding of Kardashian and West has become the most luxurious in 2014, though.


You should not be afraid of telling about your plans, even if they seem unreal for the others. For example, Kim has lots of plans and she is eager to share them. Only time will show if she will succeed.

However, the fact that now the West-Kardashians family is the most famous in Hollywood can not be doubted. There is a game on their wedding, there are dolls looking like them, they are the VIP-guests of all the social occasions, and their daughter is recognized as the most stylish child in Hollywood.

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