A Collection of Coming Out Stories!

On Names, Pronouns, Radical Wonder & Radical Welcoming

CROSSBROADCAST: Shit and Shame with Shawn Shafner

Episode 27: Get Rid of the Idea that Sex Can Be Easy

Briefs: Heroes, Monsters, and David Bowie

Episode 26: Gender & Privilege, Heartbreak & Healing

Briefs: What We Talk About When We Talk About Gender

Episode 25: Ethical Sluttiness and the Nuance of Openness

ICYMI, Here is the Interview in which Stephanie Talks to Playboy.com about Tantric Sex

Episode 24: Fifty Shades of All the Cans of Worms!

Episode 23: Authenticity is the Sexiest

Oh Hi! (a brief check-in episode)

REBROADCAST: Episode 1: Dave and Stephanie’s Story + Launch Party Extravaganza!

Episode 22: Ally is a Verb

Episode 21: Consent is Everything

Happy Healthy Breakups Are A Thing: Stories From SFSP Listeners

Episode 19: How I Feel About What You Think About How I Feel About You

A Special Message From Stephanie and Dave

Episode 17 – “Be the Change You Want to See in the Bedroom”

Episode 16 – SFSP LIVE!: Bring Your Full Self Here

Episode 15 – On Longtermness – 49 Years And Counting!

Episode 14 – The Good, The Bad, and The Casual

18 Truths About Those “18 Truths About Modern Dating”

Episode 13 – The Power of the Erotic

Episode 12 – Porn, Power Play, and Sex Work, Oh My!

Episode 11 – The Gentle Honesty Muscle

Episode 10 – The First Ever All-Quickies Episode!

Episode 9 – Jump Right In!

A (By-No-Means-Comprehensive) Reading List for Sexy People