ICYMI, Here is the Interview in which Stephanie Talks to Playboy.com about Tantric Sex


Tantric Sex Explained by Jonathan Stewart, originally posted at playboy.com in the summer of 2014 — Celebrities like Sting and P. Diddy have spoken publicly about their love of tantric sex and guides to tantra crowd the sexuality sections of bookstores, but what is tantric sex? We asked sex and relationship coach, and tantric sex […]


Happy Healthy Breakups Are A Thing: Stories From SFSP Listeners


Breakups. The dominant cultural narratives are: someone must have been an asshole; can’t possibly remain friends; the earth, it is scorched. There’s no shame in having a difficult breakup, and even many ultimately happy breakups are difficult. Breaking up is just very very hard. And there are, of course, cases where there is real hurt […]